Immediate boarding

You will discover the Mont Blanc, during a flight up to 5 passengers, through our amazing panoramic plexiglas cockpit.

All the family will enjoy this confortable scenic tour !

Open year round, Do not wait for bad weather !!

The Mont Blanc and Alps scenic tour start from one of our base, Chambéry or Courchevel.

The Alps explorer

From Mont Blanc to Matterhorn & Vanoise park

We fly over the Mont Blanc, the Swiss and Italian Alps.

This journey in the heart of European Alpine peaks lasts about 1h10, and generally leaves lifelong memories etched in our minds, as the experience is thrilling and moving.

Only 220€ / pers. !

The Mont Blanc

Over glaciers and ice sea...

We offer a 50 minutes flight to meet the Mont Blanc, and its massive glaciers. An unforgettable journey to the top of Europe, from where you will see mountain climbers reaching the summit, or myhtic refuges such as le refuge du Gouter.

An unforgettable experience, and the best way to come back home with a mind full of dreams.

170€ / pers. with -50% for the the first children under 12.