Sustainable transport

The Company’s commitments


The safety and comfort of our passengers is the airline’s priorities.

All our operations are carried out in commercial flight, under french airline certificate, at the last of the European agency – EASA.

Our aircraft are exclusively multi-engine, particularly suitable for mountain flying and sea crossings.

The crews come from our own mountain flying training school, approved by the latest standards of the European agency, allowing our company to be the reference for mountain flying.

6 times a year, our pilots are checked by very experienced instructors

Alpine airlines is the only airline authorized for mountain operations on Courchevel altiports, Megève.

Service is essential to the satisfaction of our passengers.

We use international airports as the smallest regional airfields, as close as possible to your destinations.

The ability to use all these airfields, including grass runways, is the key to your mobility.

Our schedules adapt to your needs, in all circumstances.

A fully dedicated team makes sure to carry out your requests.

Booking is the key to a pleasant, fluid service and a lasting relationship.

Your interlocutors are few and very quickly our company will become your company, our pilots will be your pilots.

With total discretion,this restricted environment will establish a relationship of trust, necessary to your satisfaction.

Quickly, a simple SMS or phone message will be enough to book your flight.


A Sustainable airlines

Alpine Airlines, a player in responsible transport and sustainable tourism.

By focusing on choosing airplanes among the least polluting of the market, Alpine Airlines is part of the Eco-responsible approach of Transport.

With CO2 and NOx emissions 2 to 3 times lower than our competitors (Citation Jets, King air, Pilatus PC12, Mono and Bi-Turbine Helicopters),our company becomes a catalyst for positive change.

The on-board documents are completely dematerialized (boarding pass and electronic flight documents) to avoid unnecessary printing.

Encouragement of business practices and consumer behavior towards more sustainable tourism.

We integrate our corporate commitments into customer relations by offering quality products and responsible services.
In cooperation with our suppliers and partners, we integrate sustainable development throughout the service chain.

Discover here our charter of commitments on a daily basis, but also for the future of our responsible and sustainable air transport. Nous intégrons nos engagements d’entreprise responsable dans la relation client en offrant des produits et des services responsables de qualité.
En coopération avec nos fournisseurs et nos partenaires, nous intégrons le développement durable tout au long de la chaîne de service.

Découvrez ici notre charte d’engagements au quotidien, mais aussi pour le futur de notre transport aérien responsable et durable.

« Tourism has become a pillar of economies, a passport to prosperity, and a transformation force for improving millions of lives. »

Taleb Rifai, secretary-general of the UN World Tourism Organization