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Alpine Airlines is currently the only company worldwide to offer commercial flights to Courchevel Altiport. We obtained an Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC) issued by the French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC) according to the latest regulations.

This certificate guarantees a check of flight procedures, pilots and aircrafts at the same level as international commercial airlines.
Our aircrafts are twin-engine, registered in France and our service center is located in Chambery Savoie Airport in France.


Christophe Chapuis

Chief Executive Officer

Christophe Chapuis is a mountain flight instructor and examiner, on wheel or ski fitted airplanes and night flights.

He has been a flight instructor for the past 20 years from light aircraft up to the Boeing 777, for initial training for private pilots to commercial and advance training.

In 2001, he started Aérosavoie with the help of Jean-Baptiste Pennazio. Aérosavoie became the first flight school to train professional mountain and paratrooper airdrop pilots, before giving birth to a unique airline in the French Alpes, Alpine Airlines.

Christophe Chapuis is also a Boeing 737NG Captain at a major European airline. “Give commercial mountain aviation a new start was a very ambitious project, commensurate with our beautiful summits.” In a very complex aeronautical regulatory environment, quite restrictive for the airlines, the Aérosavoie team was able to create the only airline in the French mountain alps. Professionalism, knowledge and determination are the key to this achievement.

Alpine Airlines is up to the latest aviation industry standards for flight safety, training and operation. “It is with great pleasure that we welcome you on board of our aircraft for an unforgettable flight through our beautiful mountains”.


J.B. Pennazio

Air Operations & Crew Trainings Director

Passionate with mountain aviation, he obtained his pilot’s license at the age of 17 years old. Commercial pilot and instructor at 22 years old, and mountain flight instructor at 25.

He is today a mountain flight examiner (FE), on Pilatus and multi FP6 (CRE) with 4500 flight  hours and more than 10,000 landings in the mountains.

In 2011 with Christophe Chapuis, he founded the Aérosavoie company for mountain & parachute pilot trainings, in Chambéry.

In 2012, the training center became the first mountain flying school certified to European standards (with an Approved Training Organization certificate – ATO).

In 2014, after introducing new profiles in the company, Alpine Airlines was launched. Gathering passengers and mountain aviation was his goal, now reached after months of work with a strong team sharing the same energy and passion.

For Jean-Baptiste Pennazio Alpine Airlines is above all a human adventure.

“Managing air operations requires a perfect knowledge of the Alpine environment, and its specificities. Passenger’s safety and comfort are a priority for the company. Each pilot is at minimum flight instructor and qualified for mountain flights under the European Agency for Civil Aviation Safety” procedures and requirements.”

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Satya Remond

Head of CAMO

Research & Development

Passionate with everything that flies, Satya has 10 years of experience in aeronautical engineering and innovation. He is co-designer of  a world-unique seaplane, based on a hydrofoil technology patent that he signed at 22.

He joined Alpine Airlines in 2015 as a technical expert and got EASA’s approval for air public transport in Altiports (Courchevel and Megève).

“Fly over geographical constraints is part of the magic of aviation, especially in the demanding mountain environment, in which terrestrial acces can be complex. I’m glad to be challenged by offering Alpine Airlines the technical keys to make mountain air transport evolve”.

photo Charles noir et blanc

Charles Granday

Local manager

Pilot & flight instructor

Passionate about aviation and mountains, he started with a ski troop military career where during 11 years he developed a strong mountain environment experience.

In parallel, he performed his training to obtain the commercial pilot licence and the flight instructor rating.

He joined the company in 2017 as pilot and flight instructor. Charles is mountain rated since june 2017. He performed the traning in Alpine airlines mountain flying school.