Panoramic Flight and First Flights

A question? A look at this section will certainly help to find an answer!

Reservation questions:

Que se passe-t-il en cas de mauvaise météo?

We are postponing at a later date to allow you to carry out the flight.

Je suis seul, puis-je réserver un vol?

There is no problem, you are grouped with other people on scheduled flights.

Quelles sont les éventuelles restrictions médicales?

None, except against a doctor’s indication.

Acceptez-vous les personnes en fauteuil roulant

Unfortunately not because our planes are not equipped to receive an armchair. But we can do the necessary to install the person on board.

Peut-on réaliser ces vols toute l’année?

Yes we do our flights every day of the year, when weather permitting. Departures take place from Courchevel in season (summer, winter), From Chambery the rest of the year.

Combien de temps en avance dois-je réserver?

There is no specific delay. However, the sooner the better as you will have more choice in availabilities.

Peut-on se retrouver avec des personnes que nous ne connaissons pas?

Yes as in all airlines we sell seats per seat. However, you can privatize the aircraft by choosing the “private flight” formula. This allows you to privatize the device for 2 people and enjoy a “head to head” in the air!

Questions on the day of the flight:

Le jour du vol, à quelle heure doit-on se présenter?

You can arrive 15 minutes before the time of the flight.

Où doit-on se présenter pour le vol?

If you leave from Chambery, it’s here:
If you leave from Courchevel, it’s there:

Ai-je le droit de prendre des photos?

Yes all photos are yours and so you have all the freedom to make them.

Quelle tenue porter?

Come like you are with your usual outfit, in which you are comfortable. Our planes are heated, like a car!

Peut-on parler au pilote pendant le vol?

Of course!
The entire flight is commented on and you wear helmets so you can hear all the comments and exchange with the other passengers and the pilot.

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