Our recruitment offers

Alpine Airlinesis looking for profiles motivated by the unique situation in the world that commercial air transport in mountainous environments offers.

Multi-skill profiles are highly valued. For example, we develop in-house all our operating tools (flight preparation, planning, event recording, marketing, ect.

The success of our business is above all based on a strong, competent and multi-tasking team!

All the positions on offer are scalable and will allow you to perform a multitude of interesting tasks, necessary for the operation of an airline!

You can consult the recruitment offers available below, and submit your application on the following e-mail address:


For any pilot recruitment, applications must include:

  • Total flight hours on aircraft including PIC
  • Flight hours on type SEP-A, MEP-A and MET
  • Validity of medical certificate
  • Validity of QC, QT and your IR-ME rating


Pilot Position Panoramic Flight – Winter

Based in Courchevel

  • CDD contract at the beginning of December 2019 to mid-April 2020, possibility of renewal of the CDD or evolution to CDI
  • Position based in Courchevel, accommodation provided
  • Main mission: pilot panoramic flight on Cessna 172R
  • Commercial transport flights in safety on our multi-engine aircraft possible, depending on planning and motivation
  • Salary based on qualifications and experience
  • Prerequisite:
    • Minimum 400 Hours total including 200 Hrs as PIC

The company is responsible for all the necessary cost of your line training (C172R training, altiport authorisation “Courchevel”, ect.).