A fun and motivating training at the Altiport in Courchevel…

In a real airline!

Initial aeronautical training for young people has been limited for many years to the BIA “Aeronautical Initiation Patent”.

This formula focuses on theoretical and theoretical notions is no longer suitable for our young people (minimum 40 hours of theoretical courses distributed almost one school year).

In addition, this training is often not possible during holidays providing an additional workload. This can be to discourage.

The “Young Courchevel Pilots” training offered by Alpine airlines is intended to be pragmatic and demonstrative of the job of pilot, to attract the attention of our young people.

From 2018, Alpine airlines offers a new, more attractive training, accompanied by a “vocation scholarship” for the young people of Courchevel.

This scholarship is granted by the company, for the training of future pilots.

For whom?

All under 21 years living in Courchevel.

This training is done in two parts, with the possibility of only doing the first part.

Part One : Introduction to aeronautics and its trades

For 4 days, young people are cared for by a pilot – professional instructor, active in the company, to discover the job of pilot and flight:

  • Conference on the history of aviation in the Alps and the Courchevel altiport.
  • Visit the altiport, meeting with its main players: ground personnel, aircraft and helicopter companies, mountain rescue.
  • Theoretical training in the principles of flight, meteorology and mountain flying.
  • Introduction to the various aircraft used by the company (from single-engine to twin-turbine).
  • Discovery of the pilot, 30 minutes of flight per young person (a participation of 50 euros per young person is required).

When ?

To allow as many people as possible to participate in the aeronautical introduction, two dates during the school holidays are offered each year:

  • 1st week of July
  • The last week of august

Part Two: Private Pilot Training

For those who participated in the aeronautical introduction and who wish to pursue the private pilot’s license, a “vocation grant” of 800 euros is granted by Alpine airlines.

Private pilot training must be carried out as part of the Alpine airlines flight school.

When ?

Private pilot training is possible all year round.


Registration for the introduction to aeronautics is open from January 1 of each year, until May 31.