Terms of Sales

1. Preface

All transportation and other services provided by Alpine Airlines are administered by:

  1. Applicable rates
  2. The general conditions below
  3. The applicable regulations (French law), which shall be deemed to be an integral part hereof

2. Price

Our rates are valid from January 1st and are subject to change without notice. Our prices include:

  1. Flights by airplane: the organization of the flight (crew, assistance), insurance for commercial transport of passengers.
  2. All products: they do not include: hotel nights; the meals and drinks, trips to the meeting place. Our tickets are not refundable.
  3. Prices are published all taxes included, except for some airport taxes locally collected.

3. Ticket purchase.

3.1. Single passengers

Ticket can be booked by email, phone call, mail or fax. The tickets will be sent to you upon receipt of your payment. In accordance with the regulations and practices of distance selling, you have 10 days from sending the tickets to cancel your order. After this time, no cancellation will be possible. Any cancellation request and refund will have to to be sent by registered mail accompanied by tickets and a Statement of Banking Identity.

3.2. Groups (from 3 people)

Reservations will have to be confirmed by email, fax or mail. The final number of participants accompanied by the payment must be communicated to us at the latest 15 days before the flight.

4. Booking

Unless otherwise stated, our tickets are valid for one year from the date of issue. During this period you must make your reservation by phone call from the concerned departure base, contact is mentioned on the ticket.

You were informed of the weather requirements to perform your flight (weak wind, no thunderstorm or pre-stormy conditions, no unfavorable clouds, compliance with the flight criteria of the applicable regulations) and accept the constraints. You must contact the organization the day before for a weather confirmation. In case of cancellation due to bad weather conditions, you will be asked to choose another date of flight according to the boarding possibilities. Validity period can be extended by one year with an additional payment (please contact Alpine Airlines for details).

5. Cancellation or postponement by Alpine Airlines

Alpine Airlines reserves the right to cancel a flight due to bad weather, or for safety reasons. This cancellation may occur just before takeoff and in this case Alpine Airlines will not be responsible for the expenses incurred by the passenger to go to the meeting point or to the final destination (travel, accommodation, meals). In any case, the ticket remains valid until the end of its validity period and another date will be chosen with your agreement.

6. Cancellation or postponement by the passenger

6.1. Postponement

If you wish to postpone your date of travel, you are required to notify us at least 8 days in advance.

6.2. Late postponement or no show

In case of a late postponement (less than 8 days before your flight) or no show at the meeting point at the schedule time, your ticket will be considered as used.

7. Rules on board our aircrafts

You must be in possession of your ticket to board our aircraft. Pilots are in command on the aircraft , and as such have authority over all persons on board. They may at any time decide to disembark or refuse to board any person or load presenting a danger for the safe, secure or legal conduct of the flight in relation to the applicable regulations. They may terminate the flight at any time stop for safety reasons or any other reasons they deem valid.

8. Sites and routes

The sites and routes indicated in our documents and on our website are not contractual; those are indications for locating areas and roads in which flights can be performed. Given the random nature of weather conditions and in particular winds and clouds, we do not guarantee the journeys, the duration and the places overflown.

9. Modification of the service

Alpine Airlines may without notice substitute other aircraft. We can modify the location and scheduled flights of the ticket if necessary.

10. Flights duration

The duration of flights indicated on our documents and websites are indicative and are not contractual.

11. Insurance

Alpine Airlines is covered for passenger commercial flights by an insurance contract subscribed with Aviabel.

12. Warsaw Convention

Passengers boarding for a trip are advised that the provisions of the treaty known as Warsaw Convention may be applicable to all of their trip.

NOTICE: Ability to board our aircrafts without external help and no contraindications regarding altitude or immobility. Alpine Airlines will be in no case responsible for bodily injury during a flight and a normal landing. The safety instructions must be respected.

NOTICE: To passengers regarding limitation of liability. The carrier’s liability towards passengers in the event of death or personal injury is limited to a maximum amount per passenger (please contact Alpine Airlines for details). Additional protection can be obtained by contracting extra insurance with an insurance company. For further information, please contact your carrier or insurance company.

NOTICE: Limitation of liability for luggage or personal belongings. The carrier incurs no liability for fragile or valuable items. Further information can be obtained by contacting the carrier.

13. Attribution of competence

In case of dispute, the competent administration will be the court of Chambéry.

14. Rights

Non-contractual pictures. Reproduction of all or part of the present documents are not allowed without our agreement.

15. Acceptance of those conditions

Any order implies full and complete acceptance of those conditions. The details of the conditions of sale is available on the Alpine Airlines website.