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Saint-Tropez “La Mole”

Since 2015, Alpine airlines has been specialising in flights between the Alps, the French Riviera and Corsica.

On board exclusively twin-engine aircraft and suitable for maritime overflight, you travel quickly and safely.

On request, our private flights can also take off from Cannes, Nice, Toulon, Marseille, Montpellier and all Corsica airports: Ajaccio – Bastia – Cavli – Corte – Ghisonaccia – Figari – Propriano.


Departing from Corsica


1 h 10







1 h 00.


From Saint Tropez






Flights made with the highest level of security and flexibility:

Our multi-engine aircraft offer one of the highest levels of safety and comfort. Accustomed to hard-to-reach airfields, our pilots are qualified for “mountain flying” and our aircraft are suitable for sea flyovers.

Able to land on short runways, you will always be as close as possible to your destination, as soon as possible. The airfields of Corte, Propriano, Ghisonnacia are easily accessible by our planes.

All our operations are carried out in commercial flight, under french airline certificate, at the last of the European agency – EASA.

Our aircraft are exclusively multi-engine, particularly suitable for mountain flying and sea crossings.

The crews come from our own mountain flying training school, approved by the latest standards of the European agency, allowing our company to be the reference for mountain flying.

We use international airports as the smallest regional airfields, as close as possible to your destinations.

Our schedules are flexible and adapt to your needs, in all circumstances.

A fully dedicated team makes sure to carry out your requests.

+33(0)4 79 34 52 70

Quickly book your flight on a simple phone contact, H-24 and 7/7:

+33(0)4 79 34 52 70


A company committed to sustainable transportation

Our planes are new and have a very low fuel consumption/distance traveled.

Our fleet, made up of 6- to 10-seat aircraft, adapts to the number of passengers so that we never fly “empty”.

A starting point for our commitments to more responsible air transport.

Logo Alpine Airlines

Alpine Airlines – An unique airline

The only airline authorized to use the altiports of Courchevel and Megève: this authorization is issued by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)

Mountain flying specialist, Alpine Airlines trains its pilots in mountain flying excellence to ensure the highest level of safety.

First European approved vocational school for the training of mountain pilots. Our pilots are trained in our own ATO(European standard) certified training centre.

The Alpine Airlines fleet aircraft are exclusively twin-engine, adapted to short mountain slopes, guaranteeing performance and safety.

The entire fleet is registered under the French flag, allowing the highest level of control by the authority.