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Albertville is world famous for having hosted, in February 1992, the opening and closing ceremonies of the XVI Olympic Winter Games. The city is also known to be a crossroads of 5 valleys in the Alps (La combe de Savoie, La Tarentaise, La Maurienne, Beaufortain and the Val d’Arly). You can therefore reach Albertville thanks to Alpine Airlines for your stays in a ski resort.

Retracing the sporting events of this prestigious period, the home of the Olympic Games is the essential place for any stay in Albertville. The Place de l’Europe, very modern with its cultural center, offers a lovely view of the hilltop village of Conflans.

Curiosities and good addresses …

During your stay in Albertville you can make several excursions. Like for example going to visit the medieval city of Conflans. Or learn more about the history of the city with the Albertville Art and History Museum and also visit the Fort du Mont.

In memory of the 1992 Olympic Games, you can also visit the Olympic Hall, or take a stroll along the Arly river.

You can also make many walks or hikes around Albertville.

To stay in Albertville you can go to different hotels such as ” Roma“where you can enjoy the swimming pool, or” Savoy “which is located in the center of Albertville and which will allow you to stroll in the city center. But also the “Citadel of Conflans

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